Each situation is different and your needs for assistance may change over time. There are several ways that I can assist you in your family matters:

Comprehensive Consultations - Identify the issues of importance in your situation; Educate you about the law as it relates to your circumstances; Evaluate what process options are suitable for your matter; Strategize and discuss your next steps.

Independent Legal Advice - Clarify what your lawyer is recommending; understand a process or Agreement that has been recommended.

Sole Representation - working one on one as your Lawyer I will represent your interests, and provide you advice regarding your rights and obligations. This can be accomplished in a traditional lawyer/client role, or within the Collaborative Law Process. Together we will negotiate resolutions with your (former) spouse and/or their counsel. I will draft appropriate Agreements and Parenting Plans to codify your resolutions.

Acting as an OBJECTIVE NEUTRAL - working with you and your (former) spouse to focus on practical and reasonable resolutions (financial distribution, parenting plans, asset division, support payments, parenting matters). Capturing the resolutions achieved in an appropriate Agreement OR Written Decision. This can be accomplished through any of the following processes you choose:

  • Mediation
  • Med-Arb
  • Arbitration
  • Parenting Coordination