With the right approach practical solutions can be achieved respectfully and cost effectively
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The end of a relationship is difficult and moving forward is often entangled in emotions, financial pressures, and practical logistics. When children are involved the stakes rise even higher. The traditional legal process is expensive and because it is based on a win/lose philosophy, poorly suited to achieving the best possible outcomes for a family. I am committed to a practical approach to family law that enables individuals, couples and families to navigate their situation productively and find reasonable, cost effective, and legally sound solutions.

The best solutions for your family are often known by the family members and not formulated by the legal system. Every person’s and family’s situation is unique. My strength lies in facilitating the resolution process and maintaining focus on the priority issues.


SOLE REPRESENTATION – working with you to negotiate a settlement on your behalf

COLLABORATIVE LAW – representing your individual interests within a team who are all working together to share information and reach resolutions

MEDIATION – working with you and your spouse as an objective, impartial neutral to achieve a settlement

ARBITRATION – retained by both spouses as a decision maker with authority to make binding decisions after hearing the evidence you present

PARENTING COORDINATION - working with both parents and the children to address post-separation co-parenting challenges